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How to Know If He's About to Propose

I have a confession - I have a Love-Hate relationship with surprise proposals. I LOVE the Idea, but I HATE secrets...I always figure them out and spoil the surprise. . When my now-husband was about to propose, I saw all the signs...I even found the ring. I knew it was coming, but it was MONTHS before he finally proposed to me. And when he did, I was completely blindsided... I was standing in the middle of the grandstands at the Las Vegas Nascar race. The race was about to start and I had a lemonade in one hand and a bag of kettle corn in the other. While I was demanding that my husband move so I could sit down, he dropped to one knee right in the middle of the aisle. All our friends were there and the crowd behind us were applauding He pulled it off! He surprised me and he did it in an epic way.

If you are like me, you'll appreciate knowing these 10 signs that he is about to take the leap and propose...just don't let him know that you're on to him or you might have to wait even longer like I did!

10 Signs That He's About to Propose

1. He asks questions about what kind of rings you like. Be grateful for this! It means you’re likely to get an engagement ring

2. You catch him being super sneaky. He closes a browser tab when you approach or doesn’t want to tell you who he was on the phone with or where he was at. Why? He’s doing research and planning for the ring and proposal, obviously.

3. He casually wants to look at rings. If your guy ever brings up this idea, it’s your job to indulge him – and subtly give him lots of information about exactly what you love in a ring.

4. Random people try on your rings and ask what size they are. If your guy is smart, he’s put friends or family on the job of figuring out your ring size.

5. He’s being tighter with his money. Who can afford tickets to a random sporting event or a new pair of sneakers when there’s a ring to buy… and then an entire wedding to pay for?

6. You catch him on the phone with your parents (or sister or girlfriends) He might be enlisting their help or asking for permission (aww) or trying to get his hands on a family ring – or, he’s just incredibly thoughtful and wants to fill them in beforehand.

7. He’s being super organized about your plans on a specific day. Why? Because that’s the day he’s going to propose, of course! If you really have a hunch that a specific day is it, try to be accommodating to him and go with his plans

8. He’s acting a little shifty and nervous. Any weird changes in behavior – general anxiety, most likely – could very well be a sign of impending proposal.

9. He has an unusual amount of opinions about the wedding you just went to. Now that he knows your wedding will be coming up eventually, he’s finally become interested in what’s going on at other weddings. What a fun change!

10. People around you are acting a little funny. In a reserved, but still excited kind of way. If he’s told friends or family that he’s proposing, they may be hesitant to spend time with you for fear of breaking the big news by mistake.

Bonus Tip:

You actually find the ring - just put it back and pretend you don't know anything,....don't spoil his surprise.

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