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Frequently Asked Questions 

For Studio Sessions 

Q: Do I get to have all of the pictures you take?

No. I take hundreds of images during a session. After the session I weed out the poor quality and duplicate images. I select only the best images that represent my work for your gallery.  The number of images in your gallery will depend on your baby''s cooperation of the day of the session. An average newborn gallery has between 15 and 30 edited images.  Your package selection will tell you how many digital images you get to select for free. You may purchase any of the remaining images in your gallery. that you would like to have. 

Q: How will I receive my images?

All  finished images that are available to you are uploaded to an Online Gallery. You will be issued a CODE to receive the number of images included in your package. The images are digital downloads in high resolution JPG (300 dpi) format. Each images is between 5 and 20mb in size. If you have many images to download, consider downloading them to an external hard drive USB drive. 

Q: Do you require a contract or agreement?

Yes. I do require a photography agreement for every session. This offers you protection that you will get the services that you pay for and insures that we both have the same understanding of what the session will produce.

Q: What is a Booking Fee?

A booking fee is portion of your total session fee that is non-refundable. This fee reserves my time and prevents me from accepting any other client session at the same date and time that you have reserved. In the event that you cancel your session with sufficient notice. your fee can be transferred to another session. The Booking fee is 1/3 of the total amount for Standard Photography and 50% for Events and Weddings. 

Q: Do you take payments?

Yes., I require the booking fee at the time you sign the contract for all services.. 

For Weddings and Events, the balance of fees can be divided into monthly payments if you are booking at least 90 days in advance.  The final payment for weddings is due 30 days before the wedding date.  For all other services, payment in full is due 7 days before your session. 

Q: Can I pay you after  I see the photos?

No. All fees are due prior to the session. The payment covers the cost of my time in both creating, producing and editing the images. For standard sessions the fees are due 7 days before the  session or at the time of booking if it is less than 7 days in advance.  For weddings and events the fees are due 30 days prior to the wedding date.

Q: How to I book with you?

The best way to book a session with me is to fill out the inquiry form that is linked to any of the Request a Session buttons on the website. you can also email me at

Q: Can you customize a package for me?

Absolutely! In many cases  the package options I already offer will be far cheaper than customizing one.  You can always create your own package and see which is the better way to go.  Just let me know that is what you want to do and I will send you a package customization form and you can select just the options you want. 

Q: Do you do In-Home Sessions?

I no longer offer in-home sessions except in very special circumstances. It is extremely challenging to control the lighting and ,produce a quality product with in-home sessions. It is also difficult to transport the necessary equipment needed. My studio, on the other hand,  is perfectly set up to create a quality image every time.  If you have a special situation where you simply cannot travel please  Email me.

Q: Can I cancel and  reschedule a session?

Absolutely! Sessions that are canceled at least 48 hours before the session time can be rescheduled one time.  Rescheduling is subject to the photography schedule.  All fees paid will be transferred to the rescheduled session date.  For Newborn sessions, it may not be possible to reschedule within the "ideal" 21-day timeframe. If rescheduling is not possible, you will either be offered an alternative session or a refund of your session fees MINUS the booking deposit.  Rescheduling must occur within the same calendar year. Cancellations for refund must be done at least 7 days before the session. Refunds of canceled sessions will be made  electronically to the same debit or credit card used to book the session. 

Q: Can I take my own pictures or videotape during the session ?

I do not allow cellphones or other cameras photography or video recording during the session.  I know it's very tempting to do when your kids are looking so cute, and you just want to snap a quick photo for grandma, BUT you are paying me to provide a professional product and I am using props and backdrops which I have purchased to do that. This is covered in my photography agreement. Its kinda like eating grapes in the grocery store :)

Q: What is the difference between a "Proof"  and a "Finished" image?

A proof is an image that has only basic color correction and hasn't had any retouching or editing done to them. They are low resolution image files and are only intended for the client to select specific mages to be finished. I don't provide proof often. 

A Finished Image  is a professionally retouched image. Below is a good example of a Proof image versus a Finished image. The first image is a PROOF. The baby has a very pronounced rash on her face and an uneven skin tone. The image on the bottom is a FINISHED Image. It has been retouched, straightened and resized,  Proof images are never available for downloading or purchase.






Proof Image


Finished Image

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