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Lakewood Community Center Wedding: A Cultural Fusion

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

When I first met Araceli and Bijan at their engagement shoot Araceli told the that they had just gotten married the week before.. I was intrigued since she had hired me to photography her wedding in May. She said that she really hadn't wanted a big wedding , just a simple intimate ceremony so thats what they did...a simple courthouse ceremony. I was appalled when she told me the photographer she hired showed up late and missed the ceremony. I promised that would NOT happen at her second formal wedding in May....But it turns out that this wedding in May was actually Araceli & Bijan's THIRD wedding ceremony.! This wedding was a cultural fusion of Persian and Latino cultures with a dash of Araceli's own personal Style ( no heels for her...this bride chose comfort and wore her Toms !) Of course there was La Lasso or the Brides side and there was the Sugar Rubbing for the Grooms side. The Sofreh-ye Aghd (wedding table) was spectacularly decorated but eh grooms family. And the couple topped the day off with a choreographed first dance..

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