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Preparing for Your Photo Session

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Thank you for choosing Tender Blessings Photography to create your memories.  Here are a few tips and suggestions to help the session go smoothly and create great images that you will want to display in your home.


Wardrobe and Location Selection

  1. Think about your home décor colors when choosing your wardrobe. Are the colors in your home bright and vibrant or soft and muted?

  2. Look through Pinterest and fine photographs you like.  Look for the same color tones in your wardrobe selections. Send me the link so I can share your vision.

  3. Coordinate your clothing colors but be careful about identical matching.

  4. Choose timeless styles. Avoid trendy fashions that will “date” the image.

  5. Consider wearing a dress. Boho-style flowing dresses are particularly beautiful in outdoor photographs and engagement sessions.

  6. Choose solids colors over patterns. Avoid large patterns or t-shifts with designs on them.

  7. Choose colors that flatter your skin tone. Avoid wearing bright green or yellow.

  8. Wear clothing that fits well and isn’t too tight,  Clothing that is loose or baggy clothing ( (except  for sweaters) does not look good in photos, particularly on men.

  9. For corporate head shots, wear business attire and be mind of blouses that are sheer or reveal too much.

  10. Bring snacks and water, especially for kids.

  11. Wear comfy shoes for the walk to the location... you can change them when we get there.

  12. Clothing layers can add variety to your images… think about bringing a sweater, scarf, hat or other props that mean something to you or your child

  13. These website links offer ideas for clothing and color scheme choices



Scheduling your Photography Session

Photography is all about lighting. Good lighting is  essential to a great photo. The best time to shoot images to get the best results is the hour or so before sunset when the sun is fading and gives a soft golden glow to your images.  This is called “Golden Hour”. In the Summer this is between 6:30 and 8pm. In In Fall and Winter its between 4pm-6pm.  Yes, it’s right in the middle of dinnertime – So it’s a great excuse to out to dinner after the session!

The next best time is just after sunrise…if you’re an ultra early-bird this is a possibility.

Taking photographs in full mid-day sun is very challenging and will usually require a location with shaded areas to avoid squinting eyes and shadows on the faces, but it can be done if that's your only option. Cloudy days give tons of possibilities. So much depends on the weather, so pick a few options for location.


All of the photos presented in your gallery will be color corrected.  In general, I remove any random facial blemishes or marks that are temporary, such as pimples, bruises or scratches. I only remove scars, birthmark, moles or tattoos when requested.


Locations to Consider:

Guajome Regional Park

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens

Prospect Park

Box Springs Trails

Temecula Trails

Lake Menifee Trails

Via Escondido Temecula

Santa Margarita River Trail

Oso Creek Trail

Irvine Regional Park

Dos Picos Park

Ramona Grasslands Preserve

Balboa Park


Torrey Pines State Beach

Windandsea Beach (La Jolla)

San Diego Marina

San Clemente State Beach

Newport Beach Pier

Sunset Cliffs/Point Loma/Dog Beach

Del Mar Beach

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